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ONLINE PATIENT SESSIONS:For established Patients only

All online sessions are scheduled through me directly. If you are an established patient, and are interested in discussing online sessions, please either contact me via the contact me form below, call the office at 518.793.4385 to set up a time to talk with me, or we can discuss during your next appointment. Online sessions are not meant to replace in-person sessions and are only available on an as-needed basis. 

If we've already discussed online sessions, and you have one scheduled, please see below to access your session.


about online SESSIONS

As noted above, online sessions are offered to established patients only on an as-needed basis.


Online sessions are serviced through an online portal called This service is:

  1. HIPPA Compliant

  2. Easy to use

  3. You DO NOT need to establish an account

  4. No downloads required

  5. It is secure


i have an online session scheduled: what do i do next?

To access a scheduled online session, please click the button below. You will be entered into a "waiting room" until I initiate the session. You will be asked to enter your name to notify me that you are ready for your session.

Please make sure your device settings allow for your webcam and microphone. We will be video chatting during this session.

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