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For Clinicians

As clinicians, we are trained to assist patients with their health and well-being, but healthcare providers are overshadowed by a cultural and economic shift toward increased “treatment” with pharmaceuticals, seeing more clients in a day due to:

  • Productivity demands and economic sustainability

  • Regulatory compliance with government standards

  • Oversight from insurance companies requiring prior authorizations for medications, office visits and hospitalization

  • Increased use of technology - such as e-prescribing, electronic records, & electronic billing


In response to this shift, I've made it one of my key focus areas to provide clinical supervision to healthcare practitioners interested in incorporating mindfulness and the practice of self-compassion in their lives. It's amazing what acceptance can do for our practice and our patients.

I am available for group supervision, or I can work with practitioners on an individual basis. Contact me for more details using the form below or feel free to give me a call, and we can set-up a time to discuss options.

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